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Accredited Installers:

While some roofing installers may claim to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of products, The Roof Troop Littleton CO brings you solid accreditations that prove our expertise. We are certified installers for the top industry providers of asphalt shingles and other roofing materials. Our familiarity with these brands and their products allows us to install your roof quickly, thoroughly and to the highest standards, to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.

The Troop Littleton, CO

We have installed and repaired an endless variety of roof systems in Littleton and the surrounding area. Our expertise is second to none. Our roofing experts are knowledgeable in repairing or installing composite, asphalt, shake, tile, copper and metal roofing systems. We are authorized installers for all major roof system manufacturers and have the experience to help you solve your residential roofing problems. To see more of the residential roofing products available through The Roof Troop Littleton CO, please visit our roofing products page.

In addition to tried and true residential roofing options, The Roof Troop Littleton CO can provide a copper roof for your home. You may be interested in the beautiful patina a copper roof delivers over time. You will be sold by the long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free ownership a copper roofing system delivers. There are many options available, and we would love to learn more about what you would like and provide a competitive estimate for your residential project.

Don’t cut corners with your roof installation company

The few examples of “cutting corners” just mentioned are not only commonplace, but often result in roof leakage. Regrettably, many homeowners simply don’t realize the level of craftsmanship & specific materials actually required to provide a “good” roof installation. Be careful when choosing your roofing companies in Littleton. Hire the best roofing company.

The simple facts are that just about anyone can fasten roofing materials to a roof deck, but few actually have the expertise to furnish the appropriate materials and install them “correctly”, especially where the roof adjoins siding, chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, roof vents, valleys, etc. And, regrettably, a high percentage of those paid to install roofing materials these days fall into that category! Not so at Larry L. Vaught Roofing, but do not take our word for it. We strongly encourage you to compare us to other contractors. 

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Whether you are in the market for a few strips of replacement shingles in Littleton CO, The Roof Troop is the company to assist you with all roofing services. Give us a call today at (555) 555-5555 to discuss your needs with us and learn more about how we can assist you in giving your home the roof it deserves.


The following check list is provided to assist you in comparing contractors according to the most important issues.

Many Roof Installation Companies in Littleton Fail to:

  • Replace the step flashings where the roof adjoins the siding.
  • Install metal valley flashing of sufficient width to meet the 24-inch minimum width requirement.
  • Install saddles on chimneys that are 30-inches or wider.
  • Install 2-plies of underlayment beneath shingles on roof slopes less than 4-in-12.
  • Apply mastic along sides of metal valley flashings.
  • Clip the top corner of shingles at roof valleys.
  • Provide snow resistant / bird proof roof vents.
  • And the list goes on…